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  • Shanghai CM——WETEX DUBAI Nov.15-17 ,2023
    Dubai Water, the Middle East's Most Influential Water Treatment Exhibition, Opens on November 15, 2023
  • RO Membrane Maintenance And Cleaning Methods
    RO membrane Maintenance and CleaningRO Membrane MaintenanceStorage before installationMake sure your ro membrane is vacuum-sealed in the plastic bags and stored in a dry and ventilated environment before installation. The storage temperature should be 20 to 35 ℃. Avoid contact with oxidizing gases o
  • Do You Know How To Maintenance The Mbr Membrane?
    The inlet water of MBR must be treated by the front-end biochemical treatment system, being activated by sludge inoculation / breeding and debugging. After the end water quality has reached the biochemical treatment effect, it is suitable to start entering the membranebio-reactor for mud-water separation.
  • 6 Typical RO Chemical Cleaning Methods
    Pollutant General characteristics Cleaning method
  • 5 Tips to Ensure the Efficiency of MBR, UF or RO
    As is known to all, after your system has been in operation for a period of time, sometimes the processing capacity drops significantly (cannot reach the design flux). The reason for this situation happens is mainly due to the working environment of the system, the selection and the design, installa
  • Never Confuse MBR with MBBR
    1. ConceptMBR – Membrane Bio ReactorMBBR – Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor2. StructureThe MBR process belongs to the high-grade activated sludge process. The key point is the artificially manufactured MBR membrane, which is used in combination with microorganisms.MBBR is a film laid by microorganisms on
  • 5 Misunderstandings About MBR
    Nowadays, the MBR(membrane bio-reactor) is widely used in the water treatment industry, such as the water reuse, the dispersion treatment and the sewage emission updated. Compare with the traditional water treatment method. The advantages of MBR are obviously – supports a higher load, longer SRT, hi
  • Is MBR Integrated Equipment Worth [$] To You?
    MBR (membrane bio-reactor) is a combined process that combines biological treatment and membrane separation. A hollow fiber membrane module is placed in the bio-reactor, and the filtration hollow fiber membrane is an ultrafiltration membrane (UF) or microfiltration membrane (MF) with a pore size ran
  • 3 Ways to Clean the Submerged MBR
    Maintenance cleaning regularly removes contaminants from the membrane surface, inhibits thickening of the contaminated layer and increases the pressure difference across the membrane to achieve stable operation. During the maintenance cleaning, the aeration is stopped and the operation is automatica
  • 23 Commonly Seen Microorganisms In STP
    1. Aspidisca 【Name】 Aspidisca 【Classification】 Activated sludge protozoa 【Size】 Length 25-40µm Width 18-29µm
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