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Never Confuse MBR with MBBR

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1. Concept

MBR – Membrane Bio Reactor

MBBR – Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

2. Structure

The MBR process belongs to the high-grade activated sludge process. The key point is the artificially manufactured MBR membrane, which is used in combination with microorganisms.MBBR is a film laid by microorganisms on the surface of other objects.

3. Performance

The MBR membrane is passed through the sewage, and the membrane can be trapped in the water composition, including contaminants and microorganisms.The biofilm is a membrane that allows sewage to flow on the surface. Microorganisms eat microbes in the water. The membrane structure can increase the contact area and increase processing efficiency.


The sludge load can be effectively increased by the MBR process.MBBR belongs to the biofilm method, which has a relatively high sludge load. So they all deal with COD, BOD, and the effect is very good.


The MBR process itself is always unable to filter the TN. Dealing with the TN, it depends on what kind of process is used in the pre-treatment.In the MBBR process, there is an anoxic part in the inner layer of the biofilm, so denitrification can be carried out to reduce TN.


The MBR process itself cannot filter the TP. Dealing with the TP, it depends on what process is processed in the previous stage.The MBBR process doesn’t create the conditions, which required for the P cycle. So the accompanying chemical phosphorus removal.


The MBR has a good ability to remove the SS. But it is easy to pollution membrane, so it is necessary to clean the membrane regularly.The MBBR process is not capable of SS, and is usually handed over to the physical process, such the coagulation and sedimentation.

In conclusion:


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