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Shall I choose Hollow Fiber MBR or Flat Sheet MBR?

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Shall I choose Hollow Fiber MBR or Flat Sheet MBR? 


The comparison of hollow fiber & flat sheet MBR

Hollow Fiber MBR Flat Sheet MBR
Typical Brand Mitsubishi, CM Toray, Kubota
Usage Rate

Around 85%

Around 15%
MBR membranes for filtering sewage treatment and reuse require materials with strong oxidation resistance, so RPVDF's superior oxidation resistance than other materials (such as PE) determines that RPVDF materials are the mainstream materials for MBR membranes. 

10L/m²/h ~ 40L/m²/h

10L/m²/h ~ 40L/m²/h

Pre-treatment Requirements

Requires removal of as much hair as possible into the water 

No Special Requires

Hollow fibers have the risk of being tangled by hair, so care must be taken when handling domestic wastewater, including hair or thread-like fibers

Packing density

Take Dow FLEXELL as an example, calculate the membrane separation volume, 80m2 membrane surface needs to occupy 0.7056m3

Taking Toray TMR140-100s as an example, excluding the membrane separation volume, the area of   140m2 membrane needs to occupy 2.756 m3

The filling density of hollow fiber MBR is more than twice that of flat MBR, 
Pollution recovery Method Backwash, air scrub, chemically enhanced backwash, chemical cleaning Air scrubbing, chemical cleaning

Can not backwash is the biggest defect of flat membranes. Backwashing is the most ideal pollution recovery method for the membrane industry (including MBR, microfiltration, ultrafiltration). Failure to backwash to restore membrane pollution will shorten the chemical cleaning cycle of the membrane. The main reason for the roll-out ultrafiltration to completely withdraw from the ultrafiltration market is that it cannot be backwashed.

Operational risk

Risk of fiber broken

Diaphragm risk of breakage, such as "fat belly" phenomenon

The flat membrane is easy to rupture. When the machine is taken out during shutdown, the water inside the membrane bag will be collected by the gravity under the membrane bag and the membrane will be broken. The risk of hollow fibers is that if the strength of the membrane filament is insufficient, filament breakage may occur, but with the breakthrough of membrane-forming technology, especially the thermal membrane process (TIP process), the strength of membrane filaments has increased It is more than ten times, which basically eliminates the filament breakage phenomenon of the hollow fiber membrane during operation.


Has self-healing function  No self-healing function
After the flat membrane is damaged, the entire membrane must be replaced; if the hollow fiber is broken, the small flow path of the hollow fiber will be blocked by sludge, which can repair itself without replacing the membrane element.
Component structure

Integrated configuration using single element

Large modular
When maintenance and repair is required, a single person can remove it without tools. Easy maintenance

Overhaul and maintenance need to set up large lifting equipment, lift out the module

Energy consumption Using pulse air, the air-water ratio is generally around 15:1

The air-water ratio is generally above 30: 1. Air-to-water ratio, air intake or water intake consumes energy, power equipment

Low air consumption during operation, low energy consumption

Large air consumption during operation

Chemical Wash

Chemical immersion

Chemical immersion combined with manual scrubbing

Simple cleaning, can be done automatically and can be operated by one person

Cleaning is complicated and requires a lot of labor

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